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Hacker versus cracker versus criminal | January 19, 2008

Hacker versus cracker versus criminal

According to this article in Computerworld – CIA says hackers pulled plug on power grid. I will not go into technical details of stupidity of people who plug Internet and SCADA into same system (and don’t even protect that system), but I will go into definition of hacker.
As described here;

Hacker originally, a hacker was a term of respect, used among computer programmers, designers, and engineers. The hacker was one who created original and ingenious programs. Unfortunately, the current popular meaning of the term is used to describe those who break into systems, destroy data, steal copyrighted software, and perform other destructive or illegal acts with computers and networks.

People with computer malice were later named crackers, and those who do criminal stuff, like blackmailing with power outages are clearly no more than any average criminals. In terms of “construction versus destruction”, hackers create unique programs, crackers look for loopholes and crack programs, which makes later programs more secure and better, and criminals are (again) just criminals.

P.S. I also pity those who download ready-made “hacker” applications from the Web and pretend to be hackers. Funny 😀


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    how would you categorize these?

    Comment by eshmet — January 20, 2008 @ 6:33 pm

  2. The God is mightier than all of conspiracy theories alltogether. Just another tired introvert’s article. Personally I don’t use Facebook, I despise social networking as well as real networking. U see, I’m also an introvert, just like the writer of the article. Another (maybe irrelevant) point is here –

    Comment by nahili — January 22, 2008 @ 1:28 am

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