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It’s the Orthodox Christmas | January 7, 2008

It’s the Orthodox Christmas

Christmas is today according to my calendar. There are more Orthodox Christians in Turkmenistan, than any other Christians. My point is – Russian are Orthodox, and there are some of them around you (if you happen to be in Turkmenistan). Ergo, it’s way more logical to celebrate Christmas with neighbors and co-workers today than on 25th December.

Alas, Russians themselves perceive Christmas to be purely “for-religious-old-grandmas” thing, and they barely celebrate it. Not my fault. Since I refuse to celebrate New Year (reminds me of Soviet times), I will celebrate Orthodox Christmas, and at least say “Happy Christmas” to my neighbors. Does it all make sense now?

It’s decided. I dunno how Russians celebrate this glorious day of birth of Christ, but I’m buying some sweets and going to congratulate them.

P.S. Which I already did!


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