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Safety of home – is sometimes dangerous | January 6, 2008

Safety of home - is sometimes dangerous

Home is sweet, safe and nice… Isn’t it? Last Saturday I went to Tejen for a wedding. Guess what happened 😀 The taxi driver on the way back was really really talkative.

Naturally as a wannabe marketer I listen to people carefully. So, here was a taxi driver, a businessman and a good storyteller in one person combined. He told me a story of “male TV watchers”; it was a sinister tale of lazyness, “home safety” syndrome, something like Russian Oblomov.

Imagine a grownup healthy man, quitting every job started and unable to leave warmth of house and the screen of TV. This taxi driver’s sister was unlucky to marry a guy like that. Poor driver/businessman/storyteller tried his best to find him jobs or to involve in something useful. But the disease was too strong, and while the wife works, cooking at a local market, the husband is sipping tea and watching TV at home.

One just MUST get outside sometimes, leave home, fly to Siberia if necessary – but avoid “home safety” syndrome at all costs. It kills brains and a person is nothing more than a zombie…

P.S. I found the image here: Very very cool !!!


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  1. Keep up this great resource.

    Comment by Assissotom — January 17, 2008 @ 5:01 pm

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