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Bad days – fix’em with good reading | December 25, 2007

As anyone with some brains in 21st century, sometimes I have very very very bad days. It’s the melancholy within and I cannot fix it. But thanks to Google and – the Russian online library, sometimes all you need is a book 😀

Only Russians could share so much intellectual property online. While Western mind always thinks “money”, Eastern mind still thinks “soul”. So right now I’m reading The Thief by Alexey Pehov. Apparently he’s a self-made author who directly marketed his books online, free. They’re still free and available online, East is not greedy 😛 This is a phenomenon of 21st century and Web 2.0 – more and more things will be free or cheap to compete for your attention. Attention will be worth more and more. Thanks Seth Godin

Full text of the book is available here:


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