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Loving Russians | December 16, 2007

Loving Russians

To love living, working and hanging out with Russians one has got to;

  • know Russian language (like me)
  • be straightforward (like me)
  • understand Russian mentality (like me), which isn’t a diferent mentality at all, but rather a more humane approach to life
  • have highest sense of humour (like me)
  • not to be Russian (like me), since every nation naturally loves itself

Learning basic Russian like Orientals or Westerners won’t help, come on we’re talking Pasternak and Dostoyevsky here. Marrying Russian girls like Turkish guys do; is definitely a strange idea. Copying Russian external shells (clothing, behaviour, style) like some Turkmens do; is only funny. Overall, I’m the best at loving Russians 😀 Not so timid am I?

I’m the best since I don’t copy their external qualities, I learn their internal qualities and keep myself Turkmen. I read their deep literature, watch their deep movies and know what Orthodox church stands for. I work with them, hang out with them. And I love Russians. In the true sense of the word “love”.


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