Nahili Samurai

Just one goal | December 13, 2007

There is only a place for one really big love in one heart. Is it gonna be a woman, or something bigger? There is only one job that will need full attention and all the thoughts, and all the focus. This is where happiness is – finding a true ONE, and trying to achieve it.

I’m frequently asked “Why love just one woman, it’s like different flavours of ice-cream, why don’t try many?”, or “Why follow one idea so feverishly?”, or “Why dedicate to a local company when you could easily go abroad?”. All I can think about right now is “I don’t have time for 20 questions, I have a goal to achieve. And as long as didn’t achieve it, just don’t bother me, I’m too happy and excited”.

It will take eternity to fully understand one woman. It will take even more to develop myself into a decent human being. Just one goal 😀


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