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Want success? Find the right environment… | November 26, 2007

Environment affects the way we develop, and it usually matters where one comes from. Once you say the magic words “I’m from Wonderland”, all the stereotypes about wonderlanders arrange nicely in people’s heads. Because, yes, usually wonderlanders are similar in many ways! Of course, wonderlanders are most successful in Wonderland, their “natural habitat”.

Probably Bill Gates wouldn’t suceed in making licenced software in China, and Quentin Tarantino wouldn’t make his super-genius-thrilling movies in Turkey… The environment should support the genius of the creative minds, otherwise intelligence will just run away. Like scientists that escaped Russia of the 1990s’.

These things are simple and obvious, yet some people struggle in wrong environments. Which one is right? I dunno. Sometimes struggle brings a great prize in the end, but mostly environments never change…


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  1. that’s why i’m not successful in UTP 😀

    Comment by eshmet — November 26, 2007 @ 7:12 pm

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