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Average is not for me – Stupid superhuman | October 28, 2007


When is the last time you saw a 15-year old seriously read Nietzsche? Well, it was me. I found the book on my bookshelf and naturally started reading it. Everything changed: Christian values are implemented in a wrong way? All values have to be re-evaluated? If there’s god – then it’s ME?

Others kids at school were normal, most of them didn’t even read unless forced by school or parents. Now, looking back at the impact of super-human thoughts on my life I just wish I was one of them. And it wasn’t just Nietzsche. Add Medvedev (Barankin be a human), Vartanov (1000 strikes of sword), the Matrix movie to the list. One ends up becoming a super-arrogant jerk with empathy level of a brick wall. I hurt feelings of too many people with my know-it-all…

I decided I could do anything. Authority was stupid, rules existed to get broken, teachers were stupid because they failed real jobs and started teaching, moral values were used just ‘for show’… You get the picture. I never actually quit trying to become a super-human, until I was really hit by a minor injury. Then, finally, my mind accepted the reality. A human can be great, but never a god. Very logical.

Once there was a pharaoh. He refused to believe in God, and declared himself God. And then a tiny fly got to his brain through his nose, and dropped egg mass there. A part of pharaoh’s brain got eaten by larva. The guy ended mental. Probably didn’t appreciate golden statues of himself after that. In 1889 philosopher Nietzsche was caught by serious mental illness as well. Same empty eyes as Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao…


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