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No focus-lah… | October 24, 2007

Some journalist thinks that is the perfect place to leave a comment like this:

Attention we found remnants of A.E.Abdarahedov in the Belgorod region, village Churayevo of Shebeykin – in the “Kursk Bulge”. He will be buried on 7th November. Please contact the journalist Maksim Pokutnev…

Any chance that someone will even read comments fore 7th of November, when he will be buried? No! A great warrior of WWII is about to be buried without any representatives from his family. My advice to the “journalist” – contact officials. Market your idea in the right place, so that the “right” people hear you. Shooting randomly on the Internet is the most stupid idea…

Russian version
Вниманию родственников ашхабадца А.Е.Абдарахедова В Белгородской области (село Чураево Шебейкинского района – там где проходила «Курская дуга») найдены останки солдата, в личных вещах которого была найдена винтовочная гильза с запиской, где написано, что его зовут Абдарахедов А. Е., год рождения 1918, проживал в городе Ашхабаде по адресу: ул. Мамедова, дом 4. 7 ноября состоится перезахоронение останков. Если эта информация заинтересовала родственников или представителей Туркменистана, просьба связаться с журналистом Максимом Покутневым по мейлу: или по телефону в Белгороде: (4722) 32-90-87.


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  1. Salam Nahili,
    I wrote to this guy, as my uncle has published a book “Kurskaya Duga”, and probably he keeps the list of the soldiers, but I still did not got any reply from this journalist, probably he is not eager to find relatives anymore.

    Comment by Jonathan — October 25, 2007 @ 10:11 am

  2. Just as I wrote; he’s shooting randomly at every website that contains ‘Turkmen’. Very sad.

    Comment by nahili — October 26, 2007 @ 12:47 am

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