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Robots can do that! | October 12, 2007

Robots can do that!

Older generations believed in hard work. We in Generation Y (born between 1982-2000) believe in smart work. Meaning? Well, it’s quite simple. Real innovative thinking and implementing matters. Tasks that can be done by robots or software don’t matter anymore.

Many companies, including SAP, Siemens, Accenture still believe in the old-age “command-and-control” & “know-everything-before-we-employ” structures. Well, meet the real world. We want to wear jeans & T-shirts, speak out our minds, find jobs by attitudes and learn details later. Either hire Gen Y rock stars and get things done, or hire average “afraid of boss” people who run everything traditionally.

There was a person who wanted to hire me. But, in order to talk with him I had to wear a tie, polish my shoes, stand still & silent, don’t look into eyes. Hello! Meet the first wave of Gen Y in Turkmenistan. I don’t care about your job if I have to be a robot. I speak 5 human & even more programming languages, I’m (sometimes) smart, I’m tech savvy, I can go work abroad anytime!


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  1. wow2
    this is a real marketing 🙂

    Comment by hanhanan — October 17, 2007 @ 3:46 pm

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