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Hasar expands cookie choice | October 9, 2007

Hasar expands cookie choice

I don’t know who’s the owner of Hasar cookie manufacturer. But the person must be really focused. For years we only had Petit Beurres and Wafers from Hasar. But human nature wants more candy, with various tastes 😛

Hasar is really loosing to Turkish cookie masters Ülker, Şimşek, Halk and others. So, I saw this colourful package with Hasar made chocolate coated wafers yesterday. Brilliant! Finally another Turkmenistan business realizing simple truth – Choice is Important!

Give people choice, otherwise they will run away. This applies to many things: cookies, cellphone operators, jobs, friendships…

P.S. I guess i need a digital camera, to shoot these products, restaurants etc…


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