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Remember remember the 6th of October! | October 5, 2007

Remember remember the 6th of October!

My grandfather returned from World War II, in 1945, without a leg, and without two of his brothers. On October 6th 1948 an earthquake shook Ashgabat and the region of Ahal, this time his wife and all his kids except two sons were gone. Turkmens believe that the earthquake was a punishment from Allah, for all the atheism and degradation of Soviet life. The Turkmens were reminded…

After the earthquake my grandfather married again, had 6 more children, and lived till the age of 87. I really admire the stong will of my grandfather for life. Especially given that, Stalin killed his father for having a few extra sheep, and after the war the Soviet Union gave him a job at the shoe factory, which paid like 70 rubles per month (the average salary was 120).

One might wonder how this relates to marketing. I’m marketing the idea that Soviet Union was really bad, while new Turkmenistan offers much more options for people.


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  1. thanx for the reminder(otherwise, here its just another weekend)
    yeah, we r far from realizing how fortunate we r compared to our ancestors..
    PS: my grandfather was too young to go to WWII but his father had similar destiny to ur grandfather’s dad…

    Comment by hanhanan — October 7, 2007 @ 11:03 am

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