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Office Politics & Envy | September 30, 2007

Friendship for motivation

The reason for any conflict? When there’s something limited; oil, water, a job, a promotion… Two or more sides want to get this limited resource, and the conflict erupts!

Take any conflict in the world and around you. You will find that the reason is always the same. What about office politics, when does that start. Its envy. And envy comes from limited resources as well. You know projects, salary increase, success…

Do you hear someone muttering and grumbling about you? Does it make you angry and nervous? It sure takes all my motivation and focus away. ‘Coz those mutterers kick you in the weakest spots (mine was coming late to work). But don’t worry, usually it’s some losers who complain all their lives. Of course they complain when someone starts working and being productive. For them, it’s easier to “office politics” you down than change themselves and start working for real.

The solution is very easy. Make scarce resource available to them! It will address the root of the problem, plus they were asking for it! See if they can handle a difficult project! If they can, its great, if they can’t, they will have to stop muttering 😀 (probably they won’t).

My solution didn’t work? Let the losers mutter and complain, keep changing the world, don’t look back. Real talent can’t be buried by office politics, and usually everyone knows who delivers and who complains.

If we could just help each other and drive our companies to the top! Alas, world is not perfect, there is envy & there are conflicts.


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