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A Blogger’s fantasies list by Rajesh Setty | September 25, 2007

Car plate - Blogger

Internet loves lists, I guess Internet loves useful lists even more. So, here’s an excellent list for bloggers, to remind about true ‘blogging values’. (Did I just say ‘blogging values’???)

I liked these 3 the most:

Fantasy #1: You think you are important because you are blogging.
Reality #1: A blogger can become important by his accomplishments. Blogging can enhance it. Well, there are some bloggers who are famous just by their blogging. You can try to copy them if you want to chase exceptions.

Fantasy #10: Blogging is the short-cut to reach a lot of people
Reality #10: It may very well be. However, for the other person to trust you, your public identity and the quality of your blog becomes important. It is one thing to get someone to visit your blog once and it’s a whole different thing for someone to visit your blog again and again.

Bonus Fantasy #11: Having a blog is cool
Bonus Reality #11: Having a powerful identity and a good blog is cool


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