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Pink Watermelons for Dummies | September 21, 2007


I went to local market to buy a watermelon today, and found out one merchant was giving a real good deal; 10 000 manats for one watermelon. I asked him to cut one open, we Turkmens usually check them before buying. But then the seller’s mother (I guess) started a rant on the quality of her fruits, and that there’s no need to check them. I insisted on checking. Then she said they don’t provide plastic bags for a product that costs only 10 000 . She made me feel cheap. I left their place immediately and bought a bigger fruit from another merchant for 22 000, of course I checked it first.

Compare the above to a part of email I got today from Razoo, a social cause website:

Hi Nahili,

We wanted to thank you for your contribution to Razoo as the new moderator of You Name!. Although you can’t exactly define the agenda for UN meetings or set the price of oil, you do have some significant responsibility. Razoo is a community-driven platform, so we rely on experts like you to make it a place where good things happen. We don’t expect you to spend every waking hour on the site, but we do ask that you do what you can to foster a community that facilitates collaboration and positive change. The world won’t change itself, so we need people like you to lead the charge.


Thanks again!

The Razoo Team

Wow, I felt the difference. They noticed that I spent some of my precious time on their website. I also want to use this occasion to thank everyone that reads my blog: Thanks for finding time to read my rants.

On the other hand you never know… I recently found out most women don’t like pink technology. I foolishly assumed women would naturally go for pink cell phones, PCs and laptops. In a world where women get empowered more and more the reality is: only 9% might go for “teen & pink” technology. So, although we customers want our ego fed, we don’t want stupid marketing as well. Women drive big Toyotas and own advanced cellphones even in Turkmenistan nowadays. It’s not just an Asian Age, its also a Women Age. Here’s a free business idea; open a tech shop in Ashgabat where women would feel particularly comfortable, and where sellers don’t assume women are stupid when it comes to technology.

P.S. There’s a business where pink is used wisely: Pink Ladies. Yes this is also a free business idea for Turkmenistan.


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  1. Hello!

    Glad you liked our message! We do value that you spend time on our site, and that you took the initiative to create a cause that you care about. Hope we can continue to be a valuable tool for you.


    Comment by rebecca carpenter — September 21, 2007 @ 5:34 pm

  2. Thanks for the comment Rebecca!

    This is the difference of Razoo 🙂 They come to your blog and respond with a comment. I wish the Razoo team all the best, and I sincerely believe that your voice will be heard.


    Comment by nahili — September 23, 2007 @ 12:57 am

  3. Dear author,
    You are such molodets creating and maintaining this blog. It’s actually very appealing and smartly written. I had no idea about this blog until I started learning about blogging and RSS at the new media course in Prague. You’ve inspired me to create a blog of my own where I would put various stories of my every day life. I have more to learn from you and I am definitely bookmarking your blog. Molodets one more time and I am really proud that there are so many like minded people in Turkmenistan as me who care about internet and blogging development. You may not know but you might be a great catalyst in internet development issues in our country. thanks, Gulyalek

    Comment by Gulyalek — July 9, 2008 @ 7:47 pm

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