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Two kinds of ‘don’t know’ | September 19, 2007


Seth Godin’s post on ‘don’t know’ reminded me of my own shortcomings. There is truly an inner lazy me, who tries to avoid learning and work because of fear. And there is another me who really doesn’t know the subject yet.

I used to think “Japanese is difficult” in high school, but watching anime in college (mostly Naruto & Rurouni Kenshin type) ignited an interest in Japanese. I managed to learn some Japanese after all 😀

Just like that, many people blame circumstances, life, destiny, other people in their own failures… When in reality its just their ego, trying to hide behind foolish excuses, such as I don’t know. I’ve witnessed people declining job offers, not applying for scholarships, wasting lives, staying at jobs they hate… Because they “didn’t know” they were afraid.

Marketing is relevant to this, because marketing can make ‘overcoming I don’t knows’ cool, very cool.


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  1. a very motivating opinion!

    Comment by Kenz — September 22, 2007 @ 11:36 pm

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