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The Nurana Restaurant | September 12, 2007

shepherd’s salad

The restaurant business in Turkmenistan is kinda unique & strange. It’s divided into 2 categories: Old school & modern. The old school type is rooted in Soviet type restauraunts; they’re noisy, expensive and cluttered. The food is undercooked, the music is archaic. The modern type aims to please customers (usually youngsters or foreigners) with nice atmosphere, cleanliness and friendliness. The food is well prepared by chefs, trained waitresses are clean & nice, the music and/or TV are non-disturbing.

Why would anyone go to the old type? Well, older generation feels uncomfortable in these clean, friendly and shiny restaurants. They also think modern restaurants are very expensive. In fact its vice-versa. The new ones are cheaper, or have the same prices.

Recently I was lucky enough to stumble upon a very nice modern restaurant. The title is Nurana, the location is Mir-3 Ashgabat, building: Santa Barbara. Food is Turkish, waitresses appear to be trained, prices are OK, everything is clean. Their target: Turkish citizens that reside at Mir district, younger generation that is not afraid of shiny restaurants, some people from older generation (those who don’t drink much) that will ultimately switch to good restaurants.

There you go, I’ve given all the tips on how to choose a proper restaurant in Ashgabat. If you drink a lot, then go for the “old school”, if you’re normal then go for the modern type.


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