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People buy lies too often; expensive milk | September 7, 2007

campina milk

Recently a friend of mine got an urge to drink some milk. Its quite unusual for people to drink milk at workplace. But then I don’t judge people’s choices, so we went out to get some milk.

Guess what? The only milk in cartons we could find was 1 L Campina, a product by Netherlands, made in Russia. And we’re in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan! I know that we only have ready-to-drink milk that comes in 1.5 L plastic bottles, and most people just buy unbottled milk delivered to them in the morning. But hey, aren’t Netherlands and Russia too far to import milk? And no, its not too far if you import a lifestyle, not milk.

Buying 1 L milk from Campina was a lifestyle choice. The guy bought it for 35 000 manats, when normally 1 L of milk costs only 6 000 in Ashgabat. When paying almost 6 times more he probably felt rich, non-standard, sophisticated etc. etc. He was buying emotions, he was buying a lie. But alas, you don’t become a citizen of Netherlands by buying their milk (I wonder why people are so mad about Europe anyway). Its vice versa, someone milks your money selling you lies.

Why there are so many unnecesarily imported products in Turkmenistan? Why don’t we buy domestic products? Because local manufacturers don’t pay attention to marketing. Guys please come up with some lies, sell us stories and boost local sales. Please!


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  1. Congrats!
    constantly coming up with new ideas:)
    utpToday-dan gorup barik geldim,indi follow edip bashlars-da barsini:)

    Comment by hanhanan — September 8, 2007 @ 7:42 pm

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