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Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows | September 3, 2007

The book has finally arrived from USA. Thanks to a great friend of mine, who went to training recently and got it from Best Buy for about 26 USD. And… I’ve already read it. Well, okay I ordered it first, then downloaded it from web, then the book arrived. Its not my fault that there were no sales in Turkmenistan, and who could wait for more than a month for the latest Harry Potter? Moral issues with downloading the ebook end here (I paid for the real thing anyway, right?)…

How did Harry Potter become a phenomenon of such scale? I guess its the quality. We readers want something great and carefully written. The plot has to go deep and be logical. The writer has put her heart into this, slaved over the logic, and deserved our support and money. Congrats J.K. Rowling! The only other “brand new” books I ever bought was “A Walk to Remember” and “Sophie’s World”.

Things besides quality that probably influenced this ideavirus;

  • Word of mouth – from kid to kid, from person to person
  • Time – it took many years to the final book
  • Wide audience – every age category could find deeper meanings
  • Gender – both genders enjoyed the plot
  • Media frenzy – they wanted a piece of this pie, so they reported a lot
  • Religious groups – they promoted the book by denying it (my reason to read)
  • Many other things that smarter marketers will find…

Thanks again J.K. Rowling! 🙂


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