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The Island (Ostrov) | September 1, 2007

I watch too many bad movies. Today I rented some Russian movies. Most of them are just a waste of time, the usual boring stuff. Nowadays Russians produce too many Hollywood-like movies. Its great, but they should be produced for entertainment only; you leave the cinema and forget about them.

However there are some Russian masterpieces, and they stay with you. They guide you, they shake you, they teach you. “The Island” by Pavel Lungin is a great movie. It brought me closer to understanding Russian Orthodox Church, and understanding Russians. Yes, I have a position. I’m not a fan of Russian lifestyle, where God is absent. I really hate the Russian TNT channel and especially Dom-2 unreal “reality show”. And I love Russians that love their culture, values and religion. I like their SPAS channel, and movie directors like Pavel Lungin. “The Island” shows essentials of normal human interaction, normal understanding of the Russian meaning of life, and the Russian mission. That nation was supposed to be soul of a better world… Communism and atheism ruined that. In fact atheism ruined Turkmens as well.

What this all has to do with innovation and marketing? The movie is unique, it has a position, it stands for something. It can be watched many times. It addresses normal human feelings and problems. If you ever get a chance, watch it!


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