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Do less, do nothing… | August 30, 2007

What we all lack now is time. Job, family, friends, Internet… So, unless we commit to our jobs, our business and our ideas; we’re dead. Dragging yourself into more and more commitments that will get done very slowly and slow down your entire life is suicidal.

What usually gets done? Something that was taken really seriously, and took your entire attention. And if your time and attention are consumed with many distractions. Nothing will get done normally. You will lose customers, money, precious family time and sleep. Time and commitment are getting valuable, really valuable. It’s almost 4 in the morning right now, and I can’t go to sleep because I’ve stupidly rushed into so many commitments.

What to do? Stick to your main business, and get successful. Once you’re commited and focused, customers will bring more projects and spread the word about you. Today a customer brought in a new project just because I managed not to screw up with the previous project. The system is working, and now he trusts me. This is essential: good projects bring in more good projects. One good project is worth something. Ten bad projects are worth nothing.

Do less, cut off all the useless things. If its “do everything or do nothing”, just do nothing. Go to Thailand and relax for a while…


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