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Kwas versus Coke | August 28, 2007

As I’m writing this, I’m drinking Turkmen Cola. It’s quite cheap really, 10 thousand manats for 1.5 L bottle, which is half a buck. Its really tasty, and I feel both cool and patriotic while drinking it.

On the other hand any Coke is bad for health. It contains too much sugar. Recently I remembered how we bought local drinks in Malaysia. Laichi, ice-lemon tea, pineapple juice, star fruit juice etc. They were good for health, nice, and cheap. There are great drinks in Turkmenistan as well; ayran, chal, kwas, mors… What drags these drinks back? Why do I see young guys drink only Coke and other soft drinks all the time? Its marketing!

Its cool to drink Coca-cola or Pepsi. And the pricing is OK. It’s not cool to drink normal drinks, and the pricing is bad. Yes, local businessmen you produce great and healthy drinks, but you overprice them, and don’t spend much on marketing. You don’t even try to make it cool to drink ayran. Hey guys, I want to feel patriotic drinking kwas, not just healthy 🙂

With all due respect, and still thanks for healthy Turkmen drinks…


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