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Let’s become dreamers | August 20, 2007

Turkmens have a strange habit of settling for average. Average education, average job, average life… Even our enterpreneurship follows the true and tried patterns; a video rental, a taxi, a store. We all settle for good enough. And that’s why we don’t produce new ideas or new products. As a programmer I can say this; yes we produce small applications, but never a new programming language or new logic.

We let foreign lifestyle, foreign companies, foreign products to enslave us. One of biggest reasons: Following instead of thinking. Copying instead of designing. Whining instead of acting.
We are not engineers, we’re technicians. We’re musicians that don’t write music. Our singers make remixes while they should be touching our souls.

We are the only reason of our unsuccessful lives. It’s the little man within us who in fear and agony resists to live. Yes, we stopped living. We have become robotic USD chasers, while we should be thinking of new ways to earn money. New ways to spend our lives, with creativity, fun and challenge. Let’s dream together; let’s help our community, let’s find out ways to improve Turkmenistan, let’s find simple and great solutions, let’s not focus on USD pieces of paper, let’s focus on innovations and inventions. Let’s become dreamers. And not only local dreamers. Who says a Turkmen can’t change a world?

If we don’t become a knowledge society that creates intellectual property, then we will be poor as soon as the oil and gas reserves finish. Period.


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  1. “If we don’t become a knowledge society..”
    yes, intellectual awakening!
    yet, that “knowledge” must be the comprehensive, “whole” knowledge that fully addresses both our material and immaterial selves as a human being.
    how to become such a “knowledgeable” society?
    i believe its a matter of dedicated, collective expertise analysis, and a wise implementation…

    Comment by hanhanan — July 1, 2009 @ 9:06 pm

  2. Let’s dream 😀

    Comment by nahili — July 9, 2009 @ 12:52 pm

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