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The Huggies jeans diapers | August 19, 2007

Yes, Huggies made “jeans” diapers. So what? There are like bzillions of products popping out even in Ashgbat these days. Arriving from Istanbul, Hong-Kong, Dubai, Moscow… I’m trying to imagine the trade in Turkmenistan when Avaza resort gets built anew, it will certainly boom again to a certain degree. So, why Huggies diapers matter? Well once your baby wears this new diaper, she can walk around without having to wear something over it. Hey a great solution, lets all make diapers like that?

But this won’t happen, unless the idea spreads like a virus. This product will be forgotten as well. Too many products, too short life. Read Seth Godin’s “Ideavirus” to understand the truth about ideas.
Download it here
An Ideavirus question: Why so many Toyotas and so few iPods in Turkmenistan?


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  1. The diapers sound cool, but expensive. Are they in the United States? Ideas need to be helpful as well as creative to be an innovation success. I recently read another blog that mentioned understanding consumer needs before innovating. I guess the color copier was developed by Xerox way before people even used color printers. Nobody bought them. 30 years later, they are pretty useful. Huggies should sell their jean diapers in ultra-rich, ultra-hfashionable places like hollywood. People will buy them there.

    Comment by Julia — August 22, 2007 @ 5:27 am

  2. Diapers are marketed in Turkey, it is an ideal place for “jeans diapers”. Since people there are mad about the “jeans” thing. It’s a sort of a “rebellion”, since its prohibited to wear them at schools.

    So, yesterday’s students are pops and moms now. They just might love the idea.

    Bad diapers are cheaper. Good ones are expensive, but we still buy them. They solve a problem 😀

    Comment by admin — August 22, 2007 @ 5:14 pm

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